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Experience bucket list activities and local culture, all while making a difference in mind blowing destinations around the world.
Make a difference
Learn about and experience the culture of your chosen destination, connecting with locals and making a difference to communities.
Exclusive Experiences
Unique experiences you won’t get anywhere else, from a stay on a castaway island in the Philippines to working with turtles in Bali.
Local & Western Reps
Learn about the culture, traditions and language from the local rep, whilst your western rep will lead you on our infamous nights out.
Flexible Booking Policy
Life is sometimes unpredictable, so we offer full flexibility allowing you to change date and even location up to 8 weeks before your trip!
Safe and Easy
Heading to a new place can be daunting, we’ll deal with the accommodation, travel, the best activities and we’ll even throw in a group of new friends!
Volunteering Projects
Depending on your camp location, you can get involved with English teaching, sports coaching, sustainability work and even animal conservation!
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Volunteering Spotlight

Make a difference

Elephant Conservation at Camp Thailand

In Thailand, elephants are considered to be domesticated animals and they are often used for labour or to make money in tourist riding Camps. These incredible creatures that we work with all came from somewhere; they all have a story to be told and so do the people that work tirelessly all year round to rescue and rehabilitate them: this is their story.