We love our planet and take sustainability seriously.

That's why we've teamed up with Sustainably Run to plant one tree for every trip you book with! Check out our forest map in Tanzania below.

In addition, we offer our customers the following:

  • The option to carbon offset your flight to help reduce your travel footprint.
  • Ethically sourced material for all our Camp merchandise. When you receive your free t-shirt, you can rest easy knowing the materials are sustainable.
  • The chance to help local communities by planting trees, cleaning up beaches, and supporting local conservation efforts. You’ll be making a difference!
  • The opportunity to learn how to protect our planet’s wildlife by visiting ethical elephant sanctuaries and turtle conservation centers.
  • A comprehensive guide full of tips and tricks to travelling sustainably before your trip

Lastly, is a proud sponsor of Travelers Against Plastic. We are committed to reducing our plastic usage and will help you to do the same on our trips!

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Plant a tree